Custom Orthotics For Flat Feet Treatment

What are flat feet?

Flat feet is a condition observed in individuals who have very low or no arches at all. People with flat feet touch the floor with the entire sole when standing. The condition develops as a result of the failure of the arches to develop during childhood, injury, or wear-and-tear due to aging.

Although the condition is mainly painless, it can change the alignment of the leg and affect the ankles and knees especially if it is as a result of an injury. In case there is no pain, treatment is not necessary. Otherwise, treatment is recommended.

Orthotics for flat feet

Orthotics for the flat feet is one of the physical treatment methods for flat feet condition. It refers to a brace or device that is used to support, align, avert, or treat the foot. Orthotics seeks to address an abnormal walking pattern, by changing the angle at which the foot touches the floor.

Orthotics for flat feet may be needed when any of the following conditions are observed;

  • Pain and swelling after standing

When pain and swelling are observed after standing and walking normally, orthotics may be required. Sometimes, the feet may expand and swell mainly around the ankles. Aching may be felt in the heels and arches.

If not checked on time, flat feet may cause body alignment changes, pain at the joints, fallen arches, and ulcers among others. Pain may also be experienced in the lower back, hindquarters, and calves.

  • Pain and injury after a rigorous activity like running

The majority of people who have the flat feet condition do not have any problem when engaging in their usual activities. However, if by running or participating in a sport causes pain and injury to the foot, then there is a serious problem. Due to fallen arches, the shock as a result of running and jumping is absorbed by the feet causing pain after the exercise.


Participation in such activities exposes one to overuse injuries like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and tarsal tunnel syndrome among others.

  • Periodic falling

Regular falling is caused by a number of factors among them fallen arches. This falling is mainly common in people who were not born with the flat feet. Falls are observed in athletic and non-athletic activities.

Feet orthotics helps in the stabilization of the soles leading to the alignment of the arches giving the legs the necessary stability. People with balance issues related to flat feet are encouraged to use soft orthotics.

custom insoles

If any of the above symptoms are observed, consult a doctor. Visiting a medical facility enables a pediatric to make a custom orthotics that meets the specific needs of the patient. Custom orthotic shoe inserts are not shared since they are made depending on a person’s foot structure.  You may go to to take the online feet assessment to determine if custom insoles are necessary.

Flat feet insoles are also used in the treatment of the flat feet condition. They are inserted inside the shoes. These insoles are cheaper than custom orthotics because no attention is given to individual needs. Also, these soles can also be used for other feet conditions apart from the flat feet condition.


Flat feet is a condition that may have long-term adverse effects like prolonged discomfort, ache, and severe joint and foot problems. Use of orthotics is necessary in stabilizing areas around the arch and heel. It is important to know when you need orthotics for flat feet orthotics are therefore critical to people with flat feet.